Welcome to Pocket Rivals

Play your nine-card team of characters from different Pocket Dimensions against your opponent's equally amazing rivals! Challenges of Speed, Power, Charm, and Wit await your allies on the playing field with endless possibilities.

Collect the art! Trade your cards! Build your team! Take on new challengers! May the best Pocket Dimension win!

2 Players
Ages 8+
Gameplay runs 10 to 20 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions
**June 25, 2016 Update!**
We're at last call for feedback on the BETA edition for Pocket Rivals! Chris, Kevin, Sarah, and Sammi are taking all your thoughts and the developments that presented themselves as we played the card game and updating the BETA rules one last time. We're gearing up for a Kickstarter to spread the word and to raise additional funds for a quality edition of the final Wave 1 Pocket Rivals Strategy Card game. You can follow along on our KickKickBangBang Blog, hosted as a free read on our Patreon page! We'll be sure to let you know when the Kickstarter itself goes live! :D

**March 6, 2016 Update!**

Our BETA feedback form is live under this URL.  Look for the BETA Button on the Pocket Rivals home page to go yellow for an additional access point to the survey. We appreciate all your time and assistance! 

POCKET RIVALS BETA EDITION 2-PLAYER STARTER PACK contains 18 limited edition Character Cards from WAVE 1: Monsters Vs Robots BETA. Each card is two-sided & full color, featuring Kevin Bolk's artwork on the front & reverse. With 18 cards two players can each form a complete team of characters and play the game right out of the package. 
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