Q: What is Interrobang Studios?

Interrobang Studios LLC is a small press publisher of web and print comics. Founded by Kevin Bolk (www.kevinbolk.com) and Sarah Martinez and based in Baltimore, Maryland, the company has a core of volunteers, interns, and supporters who sustain Kevin and Sarah while they and their collaborators work as hard as they can to make comics and art.

What's your update schedule?

Each comic's update schedule is noted right at the top of its page near the title graphic. The days of the week are self-explanatory, and "Whenever" means that, while these comics are ongoing, they aren't currently being updated on a regular schedule.

For example Ensign Sue's tale is far from over – but the comic isn't currently receiving regular updates. So, for the time being, its update schedule is "Whenever". The strips marked "Archive" are effectively done. We may revisit them if inspiration strikes, but, for the time being, "Archive" strips will not see fresh updates.

Q: Is Trigger Star over?

Trigger Star” is not over – Kevin and Sarah are taking hammer and tongs to the script so that there’ll be something concrete to post in the early months of 2014. Thank you for your patience!

Q: When will Ensign Sue come back?

Ensign Sue will return in “Ensign Cubed: Crisis of Infinite Sues” in late December 2013. Clare Moseley (our writer) and Kevin (our artist) are diligently working on the third and final arc. We all greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

Q: Is "It Sucks To Be Weegie!" done?

"It Sucks To Be Weegie!" will post every Wednesday from now until its completion. Yes, it will end, but only so that we can bring you even more exciting stuff! Just so you know: if the comic still has a Wednesday Update button next to the title, we’ve got more to share with you! Once the strip concludes, the update button will turn to an "Archive" button. "It Sucks To Be Weegie" will conclude around the time that Ensign Cubed begins in late December 2013.

Q: Can I get my comic on Interrobang?

As the company grows, we hope the answer to that question will be "yes"! We’re not ready to start adding additional creators just yet – but that’s exactly where we’re headed as a publishing company. We promise to give folks lots of advance notice when we’re ready to start the next phase of the business. Thank you for your interest!

Q: How do you make a comic?

For Kevin and Sarah, each panel drawing starts with a pencil blue line sketch, followed by a hard-lead outline and some computer clean up. The cleaned comic image then gets printed out onto marker paper (which doesn’t smear or blot) so Kevin and Sarah can ink the art by hand. The final scan of the inks is cleaned again in Photoshop and then assembled and computer colored.

Q: I want to meet you—how do I do that?

Kevin and Sarah travel all around the US selling comics at conventions and meeting folks in person. (You can find the list of conventions that have accepted or invited Interrobang Studios on our convention schedule page.) If we aren’t attending your local convention and you want to see us there, we encourage you to send a friendly letter to your convention staff to tell them about us! We have a spot at the bottom of our About Us page with lots of info for convention staff curious about the awesomeness we can bring to their shows.

Alternately, you can interact with Kevin and Sarah online! We read all comments posted to the Interrobang Studios website, and we run a bunch of social media sites tied to Interrobang Studios. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Kevin’s also on deviantART where his art is posted after it’s been up on Interrobang Studios for a little while.

Q: Where do I buy the books? Are your books in stores?

All of our books are available through the Interrobang Studios online store. To see our books in person – and to buy prints and merchandise not listed in the online store – please come see us at a convention! We'll be announcing convention appearances on the blog and on the convention page well in advance.

Q: I saw a really awesome thing you guys were selling at convention but it’s not on the store page! Help?

Feel free to send an email to store@interrobangstudios.com explaining what you saw and where you would like the items shipped for a quote and special assistance with your purchase.

Q: I am from a store and would like to buy in bulk. Who do I talk to?

Please email store@interrobangstudios.com with your wishlist, quantities, and the final destination of the product. Our team will get weights and a shipping estimate out to you as promptly as possible.

Q: Can I help out?

You already are!-- No, really.-- The biggest help and best favor anyone can give us is web traffic. The only way to make sure our comics get read is to read them yourself. Frequently! And tell a friend. (Or all your friends.) Share our stuff on your blog, vlog, or dog! The more folks we have looking at our comics, the better our advertisers are willing to pay us—and that puts food on the table, and means that more comics get made! Thank you!

That said, if you’re a more direct-action kind of helper, there’s some action-hero stuff you can do beyond reading our work. You can let your favorite conventions, podcasts, blogs, and review sites know that Interrobang Studios makes great convention guests, gives excellent interviews, and publishes stellar comics. You can also make a donation here. Or you could patronize our online store and/or purchase art from us in person at conventions. But really, guys, there’s no pressure! The reading-our-comics-on-a-weekly-basis thing is seriously tip-top.

Q: I am with the press and would like to talk to you guys about an interview. Who do I contact?

You can reach out to info@interrobangstudios.com and talk with Sarah about scheduling some time with our team (online or in person) and promoting the completed interview after it goes live.

Q: I drew you something, does that help?

Help, schmelp! It’s awesome is what it is! That was so kind of you and it bowls us over every time. You’re welcome to send copies of your fan art to info@interrobangstudios.com with the name we should credit and any title you’d like us to use if you want it added to our fan art gallery. If you just want us to see it and not post it around, you can put the word ‘PRIVATE’ in the subject line. Without that, we’ll assume it was a gift and we will show it off all over the place like the proud and super-grateful people we are. You rock.

Q: Why do you have ads?

Well, they put food on the table, pay our creators, and help us afford to make comics without having to ask our readers to pay for anything. If there are specific ads being displayed that you feel should not be on the site, either because they’re inappropriate or unsafe, please feel free to report issues in an email to info@interrobangstudios.com. We do strive to regulate what shows up and we will always listen if something’s wrong.

Q: How can I advertise with you?

If you’re interested in talking directly with our readers, you can check out our ad opportunities, rates, and even purchase space at our Advertising page.

Q: How many cats do you really have?!

We’re up to 5. We’re not accepting any further cat applicants at this time.