All of us here at Interrobang Studios are deeply grateful to have had your companionship throughout Ensign Sue's journey. We're sorry to see it conclude, yet even as we part ways with Sue, the end of every adventure is a doorway to another.

We're now working on a huge new project, our first trade paperback, INTERROBANG STUDIOS PARODY PARADE. You'll be able to find brand new comics from our PARODY PARADE BOOK (featuring some old friends) on Interrobang Studios every Friday for the next 6 weeks.

For more details about the book, sneak peeks, exclusive content, and prize pack giveaways, we've set up a brand new INTERROBANG STUDIOS PATREON PARTY PAGE! We'll be able to share so much more of what's happening behind the scenes with you and really bring you into the process.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for our work. We can't wait to take you along on our next big adventure! And really, this is only the beginning...
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